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Repair and Cleaning of Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe

Date:2017-08-22    keywords:seamless stainless steel pipe, reqair and clean
As with other materials exposed to the atmosphere, seamless stainless steel pipe is also dirty. Future lectures will analyze the design factors that affect maintenance and cleanup costs. However, there is a relationship between rain erosion, manual flushing and dirty surfaces.

The effect of rainwater scuffing was determined by placing the same slats in the atmosphere directly and on the shelter. The effect of manual flushing is determined by manually scrubbing the right side of each slab every six months with a sponge stained with soapy water. It was found that dust and siltation on the surface by rainwater scrubbing and manual scrubbing had a good effect on the surface condition compared to the slats placed in the shed and not washed. But also found that the surface processing of the situation also has an impact on the surface of the slab than the surface of the rough effect is better.

So the interval between the scrubbing by a variety of factors, the main factor is the required aesthetic standards. Although many seamless stainless steel pipe curtain walls are only flushed when wiping the glass, in general, the seamless stainless steel pipe used for external scrubbing twice a year.

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