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Precautions for Purchasing Casing and Tubing

Date:2021-07-27    keywords:casing and tubing purchasing
Oil casing is mainly used to support the walls of oil, gas and water wells. It is an important guarantee for the normal operation of oil and gas wells after drilling and completion. Due to factors such as casing selection, quality, transportation, storage, and use, casing damage occurs from time to time, causing oil and gas wells to reduce production or even scrapping, causing significant economic losses to oil and gas companies. So, how to choose oil casing pipe?

According to the exploration and development deployment and drilling plan, the user needs to formulate a demand plan in advance, including model, steel grade, buckle type, wall thickness, length range, weight, quantity and special requirements, such as specification grade, thread grease type, thread protection type.

casing pipe

The key control points are as follows:
(1) Clarify the pipe type, steel grade, thread type, wall thickness, length range, weight, quantity and special requirements.

(2) Clarify casing standards, such as API standards, national standards, industry standards, corporate standards, etc. Relatively speaking, API standards are relatively loose, and each standard is slightly different. When filling in the order conditions, the standard must be clear. API pipelines are usually used.

(3) Check the supplier's sales of similar products in the past three years. Whether there is any bad record of performance, quality and service status.

(4) Clarify the pipeline quality inspection methods, implementation standards, inspection items, judgment standards and other matters.

(5) It is recommended that technical personnel from user units, testing organizations, purchasing departments and related departments participate. If necessary, drilling operation technicians can be invited to participate. In the case of full consideration of quality, choose a manufacturer with a reasonable price.

(6) Purchasing in strict accordance with the prescribed procedures and requirements.

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