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Precautions during the Use of LSAW Steel pipe

Date:2021-05-10    keywords:LSAW steel pipe, precautions
1. Construction preparation before use of LSAW steel pipe

Pipe trenches must be dug, pipe wells must be built, all kinds of straight seam steel pipes must be in place, and all kinds of tools needed, including welding machines, cutting machines, electric hammers, polishing machines, etc., must be fully prepared . Only after doing a series of preparations can the installation begin.

pipeline project

2. Installation of LSAW steel pipe

According to the design of the drawing, the pipe support is prefabricated according to the site conditions, and then the material is cut according to the design and site, and then the groove is polished with a polishing machine, and then welded.

3. Use quality requirements

1. The deviation of the vertical installation standpipe should be less than 3 mm per meter, and the deviation of the horizontal installation should be less than 1 mm.
2. The branch pipe shall not be welded at the welding seam, and there shall be no welding seam at the bend. .
3. The welding must be straight, full of welds, and no burn through or cracks on the weld surface.

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