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Notes of 304 Stainless Steel Tube When Polishing

Date:2017-12-11    keywords:304 stainless steel tube, polishing
In general 304 stainless steel tube mills polishing wheel speed of 2500m / min, the polishing considerations also used in polishing, using the polishing tape 150 to 240 to obtain a continuous hairline surface processing line. In order to achieve the mirror polishing need to use fine abrasive gradually polished, and finally with a very fine polishing paste polishing.

304 stainless steel tube plant in the wipe on the surface of the pipe, the operation is generally divided into two steps for the first polished shine polishing the second colored polishing. Fine polishing scratches left front rub polishing wheel with a light cut, the abrasive stick to the grinding wheel, but the wheel is rotated about the rub on the cutting lubricant, more viscous lubricants. The cutting lubricant is made of artificial abrasive (eg alumina) with a fine particle size of about 300 and hard grease as a binder. They saturate the cloth wheels. The same applies to the pigmented and blanched wipes, except that the lubricant is colored (eg red iron). After the surface meets the requirements, wipe with soft flannel cloth with lime powder (calcium carbonate powder) or chalk powder. Roll polishing is a combination of abrasive and friction that facilitates the surface treatment of small parts.

304 stainless steel tube factory with the 6th polished plate production of the workpiece, the need for the welding zone for the second treatment, the following manual methods can be basically the same with the original surface; weld lines parallel with the original polishing, grinding wheel can be used to wear off the weld, reuse polishing of portable special wheels with particle sizes of 80 and 120 or 150. The direction of movement of the grinding wheel to the weld should be consistent with, consistent with the original lines so that lines mechanical polishing surface; if not parallel, then the stainless steel tube factory many final hand polishing should be consistent with the direction of mechanical polishing.

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