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JIS B2313

Date:2018-01-05    keywords:JIS B2313

JIS B2313-2009 Steel plate butt-welding pipe fittings

This Standard specifies the pipe fittings having longitudinal seams to be fitted by butt-welding, mainly to pressure service pipings, high temperature service pipings, alloy steel pipings, stainless steel pipings, and low temperature service pipings, (hereafter referred to as “pipe fittings”).

The special quality requirements, a part of or all of which may be designated by the agreement between the purchaser and the manufacturer, are given in Annex JA and the requirements of special shape pipe fittings are specified in Annex JB. The shapes and dimensions of special bevel ends are shown in Annex JC and marking and report for pipe fittings with special necks are shown in Annex JD for references

NOTE 1 This Standard covers pipe fittings that are manufactured from welded tubes.

NOTE 2 Design conditions of pipe fittings should take into account the efficiency of fittings.

NOTE 3 The International Standards corresponding to this Standard and the symbol of degree of correspondence are as follows.

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