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Identification of Galvanized Steel Strip

Date:2017-08-10    keywords:galvanized steel strip
Galvanized steel strip, with its excellent strength, corrosion resistance, excellent formability, smooth, and many other outstanding features, in the construction industry, industry, transportation, pipe is widely used in industries, as the products are growing, production scale expands unceasingly, some unscrupulous traders take flood the market.Some consumers have found that the products are not as good as the merchants introduced, and have lost faith in products such as galvanized steel strip and hot galvanized steel strip.Not all products are so, and the reason for this delusion is that consumers lack a choice.So how do we identify the quality of the product?

First of all, the key to the corrosion and durability of the product is the hot galvanizing technology and the thickness and uniformity of the coating.Secondly, if the quality of raw materials is determined and the heat treatment process is in place, if the process is not good, the hardness will be too high and the subsequent use will be affected.Finally remind you, when buying galvanized steel band, still be the professional manufacturer.Professional steel strip manufacturers provide you with an affordable, well-designed, high-quality galvanized steel strip, welcome to choose and buy.

The production line of galvanized steel strip is adopted in the world's leading and widely used improved senkimle method.Adopt the energy saving energy storage heating furnace;The ceramic sensing zinc pot with the advantages of fast heating, uniform temperature, long service life and less zinc slag;The control system of variable frequency speed control with fast operation, strong function and compatible function is chosen.It can be used to improve the two corners of the steel plate and the surface quality.The zinc - plated products have excellent function, good quality and complete variety of products.

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