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How to Test the Stress Resistance of SSAW Steel Pipe

Date:2018-09-11    keywords:stress resistance of ssaw steel pipe
The large-diameter ssaw steel pipe factory needs to test the product after the production is completed, especially its compressive capacity, because we usually use it in the ground when it is used, so it is required to have good pressure resistance, then how to test it.

Firstly, both ends of the tested steel pipe are sealed by the end seal device and low pressure water is injected. During the water injection process, the air in the pipe is exhausted through the exhaust valve. After the low pressure water is filled, the high pressure water is injected into the pipe through the pressurizing device to pressurize the gas. The specified test pressure is reached. After the specified test pressure is reached, the pressure is maintained for a predetermined period of time. If there is no leakage or deformation, the pressure is released.

Products that have been tested for resistance to stress can be used to ensure the effectiveness of the spiral tube. Of course, it is necessary to carry out relevant anti-corrosion measures according to its use environment to ensure its use effect and longevity.

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