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How to Straighten Seamless Steel Pipes?

Date:2022-07-19    keywords: seamless steel pipe straightening
It is best to have a special straightening machine for carbon seamless steel pipe straightening. It is supported by two points to press the middle point, divided into N point, and press down from the highest point of rotation. Note that the pressure point of the pipe should preferably form a surface, otherwise the pipe wall will easily deform and become waste. 

If there is no special straightening machine, you can fill the pipe with sand, plug both ends, and flatten the two ends with the arc upward, take a wire, buckle a small weight at both ends, hang it beside the pipe as a reference, and hang the center of the pipe. Appropriate weight, adjust the weight so that the tube slightly bends down, after one hour.

carbon seamless steel pipe

There is also the correction of larger diameter pipes. The pipe wall is thin and the pipe wall does not leave traces. It must be crack-proof and slumped. It is to heat the area around the highest point of curvature with a flame (for example, a gas cutting gun) and bake it red, and then pour it with cold water to cool it. Under the action of cooling shrinkage stress, the length of the steel in the heating and cooling area will be a little shorter than the original length. . Pay attention to control the heating area and cooling speed, you can get different correction values. The larger the heating area, the faster the cooling, the larger the correction deformation, and vice versa.

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