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How To Solve The Defects Of Cold Drawn Seamless Steel Pipe

Date:2018-12-20    keywords:seamless steel pipe
Hot-rolled tube blanks in cold-drawn seamless steel tubes may have defects such as cracks. At the same time, the resulting cylinders may break during use and deform, generally brittle fractures. There are many reasons, generally grain boundaries. Precipitates, this needs to be changed by some means. In order to solve the problem of cold drawn seamless steel pipe, foreign countries generally improve the performance of alloy materials by general, and generally require stress relief annealing to eliminate residual stress of materials, improve material structure, and improve plastic materials to prevent seamless steel pipe breakage. The purpose of the failure.

At present, the material of the cold drawn seamless steel pipe is common steel, silicon manganese, steel, and the strength of the metal is improved by cold drawing deformation, but it increases the plasticity and toughness cost of the metal. Due to the high precision of cold drawn seamless steel tubes, high-strength performance based on the market is required. It is necessary to ensure deformation within a certain range, maximize the performance of materials, and reduce the adverse effects of materials.

Cold drawn seamless steel pipe deformation is too small, can not meet the requirements of surface finish and dimensional accuracy, can not reach the strength of the index component, deformation is too large, resulting in too much plasticity and toughness of the steel pipe, and the article is too thin, the formed fiber The metal will have significant anisotropy. The grain of the spin direction of the shaft increases the strength in parallel. The radial direction of the cold drawn seamless steel pipe is perpendicular to the rotation direction of the grain, but the strength is decreased, and the stress of the hydraulic cylinder is excessively deformed in the radial direction of the seamless steel pipe. So, the performance of the cold drawn tube is fully utilized.

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