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How to Maintain the Brightness of 304 Stainless Steel Pipe?

Date:2021-10-25    keywords:304 stainless steel pipe, stainless steel welded pipe

After polishing, the finished product of 304 stainless steel welded pipe can be as clear as a mirror in brightness, which is beautiful and atmospheric, but the products of 304 stainless steel welded pipe are like the 304 stainless steel pipe stair handrails and anti-theft windows in our house. It’s dark and the brightness is not as good as before. How can I restore the brightness or make it brighter? I hope the following 5 methods can help everyone.

304 stainless steel pipe

(1) If there is dust and dirt on the surface of the stainless steel welded pipe, wash it with soap, weak detergent and warm water.
(2) Use warm water and weak detergent to wash the trademarks and films of 304 stainless steel pipes, and use alcohol or organic solvents to scrub the hard-to-tangle binder components.

(3) If acid adheres to the surface of the 201 stainless steel pipe, immediately rinse it with water, then soak it with ammonia solution or neutral carbonated soda water solution, and then wash it with neutral washing or warm water.
(4) The rust caused by dirt on the surface of the 304 stainless steel pipe can be washed with 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent, or with special detergents.

(5) There are rainbow patterns on the surface of 304 stainless steel, which is caused by excessive use of detergent or oil. It can be washed away with warm water during washing.

The above five methods are how to maintain the brightness of 304 stainless steel welded pipe. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Of course, the brightness of 304 stainless steel welded pipe will be longer. Good raw materials determine the quality of stainless steel pipe.

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