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How to Judge Whether the Quality of Thick-Walled Seamless Steel Pipe is Qualified

Date:2019-09-12    keywords:thick-walled seamless steel pipe,quality

Thick-walled seamless steel pipes are common in our lives. Thick-walled seamless steel pipes are a kind of seamless steel pipes. They are also widely used, and they play an important role in machine manufacturing and pipeline transportation, although the same week. In the long run, their cross-sectional area is not as large as that of a circular seamless steel pipe, and there is a difference in flow rate, but in order to be able to carry out engineering or production under various conditions, it is necessary to apply a thick-walled seamless steel pipe. The following is an introduction to how to judge the quality of thick-walled seamless steel tubes.

It has an advantage in weight and high strength, and even some strength will be higher than normal tubes. The quality of thick-walled seamless steel tubes can be approximated by surface observations in addition to measurements by instruments. First of all, look at the tube wall for indentation or cracks. The slight indentation will affect the hardness of the whole steel tube. Secondly, it is obvious whether the wall of the touch pipe is not smooth. The production method that does not conform to the regulations is easy to cause the steel pipe to be worn, which not only affects the value of the face but also accelerates the aging of the steel pipe. Finally, look at the shape of thick-walled steel pipes with relatively large protrusions. This problem is more serious, which is quite unfavorable for the production of fine chemical industry, and can also reflect the unprofessionality of the manufacturers.

I hope that you can carefully identify the quality of thick-walled seamless steel pipes and go to the false, so that everyone can make better profits.

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