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How To Improve The Utilization Rate Of Seamless Steel Pipe During Use

Date:2018-11-26    keywords:seamless steel pipe
Seamless steel pipes are now widely used in the market, and there are many problems to be aware of during use. Many people are most concerned about how to improve the utilization rate of seamless steel pipe during use. Let me introduce the method in detail. How can we improve his utilization rate to the maximum value, how can we make better use of seamless steel pipe, first of all, we must strive to improve the process of seamless steel pipe production, to maximize its service life.

The seamless steel pipe produced is not the same material, and the elements are naturally different. In general, our seamless steel pipes are not easy to rust. But it is not to say that since the seamless steel pipe is not easy to rust, we usually don't care about it. We can sit back and let us sit back and relax. Because the seamless steel pipe cleavage usually does not pay attention to maintenance, its service life will be shortened, and it will bring unnecessary losses to our seamless steel pipe factory and customers. Since everyone buys seamless steel tubes, they must hope for a longer service life, so everyone should pay attention to the maintenance of seamless steel pipes.

In order to increase the life of the seamless steel pipe, the seamless steel pipe is firstly pickled to remove the surface oxide scale, and then subjected to lubrication treatment, so that the steel pipe is pickled and passivated to form a protective film on the surface. Then, after pickling, and then replenishing by electrolysis, the steel pipe can be further protected, increasing its service life and improving utilization. Only use the seamless steel pipe according to the correct method to ensure its use effect, and also pay attention to maintenance when using it.

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