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How to Distinguish Inferior Spiral Steel Pipe?

Date:2021-06-09    keywords:spiral steel pipe, ssaw steel pipe
Spiral steel pipe(SSAW) is also called spiral welded pipe. It is made by rolling low-carbon structural steel or low-alloy structural steel strip according to the angle of the spiral line (forming angle) into a tube blank, and then welding the tube seam together. It can be made with a narrower The strip steel produces large-diameter steel pipes.

ssaw steel pipe

How to distinguish inferior spiral steel pipe?

1. Inferior spiral tubes are easy to fold.
2. From the appearance point of view, there will be numbness and scarring. The reasons for these problems are mostly uneven materials and poor equipment.
3. Inferior spiral tubes have no metallic luster, and are light red or similar to pig iron.
4. Inferior spiral pipes are easy to scratch. The reason for this problem is that the strength of the steel pipe is not enough.
5. The inner diameter of inferior spiral pipe fluctuates greatly.
6. The cross-section of the counterfeit spiral tube is elliptical. It is due to the fact that in order to save material, the reduction of the first two passes of the finished roll is too large. The strength of this kind of threaded steel is greatly reduced, and it does not meet the shape and size of the threaded steel standard.

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