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How to Deal with the Scaling of Seamless Steel Pipe?

Date:2023-05-24    keywords: seamless steel pipe scaling
Seamless steel pipe (SMLS) is a steel pipe produced according to industrial standards, which has the advantages of strong bearing capacity, good reliability, and good sealing. However, since water is used in many industrial productions, seamless steel pipes are prone to scale problems. Scale can block the steel pipe and even cause the steel pipe to fail, so it needs to be dealt with in time. Next, we'll discuss the causes of scaling on steel pipes and how to deal with them.

1) Causes of scaling on steel pipes

1. Reasons for water source: Water contains various ions, which are easy to form crystals on the surface of steel pipes. Especially when the water contains high concentrations of calcium, magnesium and other ions, it will lead to serious scale crystallization.
2. Reasons for industrial production: Water is needed in many industrial productions, such as cooling water, circulating water, heating water and so on. The water will produce scale during the transportation process, which will damage the seamless steel pipe.

3. The reason for the pipeline: the inner wall of the pipeline is rough, which is easy to form scale crystals, and the angle of the pipeline will also affect the generation of scale.

seamless steel pipe

2) The hazards of scaling on steel pipes

1. It may cause vitrification on the inner wall of the steel pipe, which will cause the steel pipe to lose its elasticity, and may break and crack during use.
2. It may affect the flow of water.
3. May damage the sealing of the pipe.

3) Treatment method of scale on steel pipe

1. Mechanical cleaning: This is a relatively traditional and commonly used method. Hang a certain length of steel pipe on a special steel frame, use a high-pressure water bite machine to pass compressed water through the steel pipe, and spray a high-pressure water nozzle to the surface of the steel pipe to achieve the purpose of cleaning the entire pipe.

2. Pickling method: The pickling method is to soak the steel pipe in acid to dissolve scale through chemical reaction. However, pickling treatment has certain technical and safety difficulties, and after acid treatment, neutralization is required to recycle the acid-neutralized waste water.

3. High-pressure steam cleaning: The steel pipe is cleaned by high-pressure steam. The steam can not only thoroughly clean the surface of the seamless steel pipe, but also effectively kill bacteria and produce no dangerous chemical gas, which makes the cleaning work safer. However, the operator should be carefully selected, because this method also has certain risks.

4. Chemical cleaning: This cleaning method uses a professional cleaning agent, which is selected according to the surface condition of the steel pipe and pays attention to the use skills. This method is costly and does not conform to the concept of green ecology and environmental protection.

Scaling of seamless steel pipes is a common steel pipe problem, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to production and use. Therefore, it is necessary to take timely measures to clean it. The cleaning methods introduced above all have their scope of application and influence, and the specific situation depends on some external conditions of production (use). No matter what method is used, it is necessary to choose a regular cleaning service provider to ensure that the cleaning method achieves the best results.

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