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How to Choose Seamless Steel Pipe Welding

Date:2020-02-14    keywords:seamless steel pipe,welding
The selection of seamless steel tube welding methods should be based on the material and wall thickness of the seamless steel pipe. Because different welding methods have different arc heat and arc force, different welding methods have different characteristics. For example, tungsten arc welding is characterized by low current density, stable arc combustion, and good weld formation. It is particularly suitable for thin plate welding, but thick plate welding is not an option; plasma arc is characterized by high arc column temperature and high energy density. , Plasma arc has good straightness, its rigidity and flexibility have a wide adjustment range, and it works stably, but it is more complicated to operate. Submerged arc welding has the characteristics of deep penetration ability and high welding efficiency, so the welding speed can be greatly improved, welding costs are lower, but labor conditions and the environment are relatively poor. It can be seen that different welding methods have different capabilities and different operating costs. According to the material and wall thickness of the seamless pipe, reasonable selection of the welding method is a very important task to ensure the quality of welding, improve productivity and reduce costs.

In addition, the same welding method, the type and size of welding current, arc voltage, welding speed, welding materials used, etc., have a greater impact on the arc heat and arc force. Therefore, different welding methods can only be applied to welding of different materials and different thicknesses.

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