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How is Seamless Steel Pipe Marked?

Date:2022-03-14    keywords: seamless steel pipe marking

Seamless steel pipe (SMLS) is an important type of steel. For seamless steel pipes, seamless steel pipes should also be numbered in the process of production and use. Only when the numbering is properly marked will the performance of the seamless steel pipe be better brought into play. There are also many problems to be paid attention to in the process of numbering and marking the seamless steel pipe, so how is seamless steel pipe marked?

seamless steel pipe

In the production process of seamless steel pipes in the metallurgical manufacturing industry, each pipe produced will have a unique number, which is sprayed on the outer wall of the steel pipe and is generally called a "mark". The spray numbering system is an indispensable procedure in the production process of seamless steel pipes. After the steel pipes are sprayed with numbers, they will be recorded in the corresponding manufacturer's database, and will be tracked and monitored in the rest of the production process. The operator counts the number of qualified and unqualified steel pipes according to the marks, and records the information of each steel pipe. When using steel pipes, users can know the specific production information of each steel pipe according to the mark.

If there is a quality problem in the steel pipe used in the project, the relevant management department can trace it back to each original steel and even the continuous casting heat according to these marks. As seamless steel pipes for oil exploration and exploitation, boiler pipes and oil and gas pipelines, their quality requirements are very strict, and a very complete traceability system must be established. Steel pipe marking plays a very critical role in the entire traceability process. The steel pipe marking contains key information such as raw material composition, smelting furnace number, factory mark and production date. After the seamless steel pipe is marked by the spraying machine, it will go through the coupling station to the drying and packing station until it leaves the factory.
During these subsequent processes, the steel pipe marks together with the test results need to be entered into the manufacturer's production database for future reference. In metallurgical enterprises that comply with API standards, the steel pipe marking accompanies the entire production process of seamless pipe production, and no errors are allowed. The steel pipe marking and spraying must be clearly identifiable. In the follow-up process after the end of the marking, in order to confirm whether the marking is clear or not, at present, it mainly relies on the operator to observe with the naked eye, adjust the marking machine in time, and perform supplementary spraying on the pipes that are not clearly marked.

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