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Explanation of Special Terms Related to Petroleum Casing

Date:2020-05-19    keywords:petroleum casing,terms
Petroleum tubing: pipes used for oil production, gas production, water injection and acid fracturing in oil wells. API: It is the abbreviation of American Petroleum Institute in English, Chinese meaning is American Petroleum Institute.
Petroleum casing: a pipe that has been drilled from the ground surface as a lining to prevent the collapse of the well wall.
Line pipe: a pipe used to transport oil and gas.
OCTG: It is the abbreviation of Oil Country Tubular Goods in English, and the Chinese meaning is special pipe for petroleum, including product oil casing pipe, drill pipe, drill collar, coupling, short connection, etc.
API thread: Pipe thread specified by API 5B standard, including tubing round thread, casing short round thread, casing long round thread, casing trapezoidal thread, pipeline pipe thread, etc.
Special buckle: Non-API thread buckle type with special sealing performance, connection performance and other properties.
Failure: Phenomenon of deformation, fracture, surface damage and loss of original function under specific service conditions. The main forms of tubing failure are: crushing, slipping, rupture, leakage, corrosion, adhesion, wear, etc.
Drill pipe: a pipe used for drilling holes.
Coupling: It is used to connect two threaded pipes with internal thread cylinder.
Coupling material: used to make pipes for couplings.

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