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ERW Straight Seam Welded Pipe Technical Standard

Date:2020-01-10    keywords:erw straight seam welded pipe,technical standard
According to GB / T3092 "Welded steel pipes for low-pressure fluid transport", the nominal diameter of the welded pipe is 6 ~ 150mm, the nominal wall thickness is 2.0 ~ 6.0mm, and the length of the welded pipe is usually 4 ~ 10 meters. The ruler length is shipped from the factory.
The surface quality of erw steel pipe should be smooth, and no defects such as folding, cracking, delamination, and overlap welding are allowed.
On the surface of erw steel pipe, minor defects such as scoring, scratches, weld misalignment, burns, and scarring that do not exceed negative wall thickness deviations are allowed. Wall thicknesses at the welds and weld bead in the seams are allowed.

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