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Distinguishing Factors of Steel Pipe

Date:2020-02-11    keywords:factors,steel pipe
There are a lot of stainless steel pipes on the market, and there are many brands. It is very difficult for lay people to identify the quality. This gives some stores the opportunity to deceive users, but using some simple methods to identify the quality is actually very effective. When you choose, do n’t just look at the price, but ignore the quality, choose some products that are more well-known than taught are more reliable.

The following is a simple and easy-to-learn method for distinguishing the quality of steel pipes. According to these 5 factors to identify, it is easy to buy high-quality steel pipes.

1. Appearance of steel pipe
2. Hydraulic test, tensile test, non-destructive testing
3. Chemical analysis of steel pipes
4. Steel pipe material list
5. Steel pipe implementation standards

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