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Different Temperature in Internal and External Ssurface of J55 Casing Pipe

Date:2018-05-15    keywords:J55 casing pipe
J55 casing pipe manufacturers talk about the rapid heat treatment of steel induction heating, the steel quickly passes through the inductor by the heat treatment temperature and quickly processed. J55 casing pipe requires accurate measurement of the temperature of the fast-moving target in a very short period of time, not an ordinary temperature measurement method.

The use of continuous heating steel bridging technology applies bridging technology to improve the low temperature of the steel crucible and increase the steel product yield. The use of computers to control the head and tail of steel technology; the use of dual-frequency power to control the temperature of the end of the steel pipe; the use of rotating joints to achieve a great advance, etc. to improve the longitudinal temperature uniformity of the steel. The temperature of the tempering heating is low. According to the temperature curve of the metal force, the temperature of the outer surface of the oil casing is enthalpy at the inner surface temperature during the heating and heating process below the hot spot. With the increase of the frequency of the heating power source, the depth of the current penetrates into the human body, the skin effect is enhanced, the heat loss on the surface of the steel pipe increases, and the decrease in the temperature of the oil pipe end increases. The amount of heat lost at the tip also increases. When the heat loss from the head and tail of the continuous heating pipe to the main end is the same as the normal part, the effect of the frequency of the heating power is no longer displayed by the vertical special guide.

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