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Differences between Drilling Casing and Tubing

Date:2023-11-24    keywords: drilling casing vs tubing, drilling casing function, oil tubing function

The function difference between drilling casing and oil tubing:

The functions of drilling casing:

Drilling casing pipe, also known as downhole casing and sedimentation casing, is a steel pipe that passes through the ground. It is mainly used to protect the borehole wall during the drilling process and avoid collapse, flooding, cracks and other phenomena. It has the following main functions:

1. Protect the well wall
During the drilling process, the well wall may collapse due to unstable formation structure, causing the drilling rig to stall or progress to be delayed. At this time, the drilling casing plays a role in protecting the well wall and preventing the well wall from becoming unstable and collapsing.

2. Control the pressure of the well

Drilling casing can also be used to control well pressure, prevent well water and gas from leaking out, and ensure the safety of drilling personnel.

casing pipe

3. Support the well body
Drilling casing can support the wellbore. When the wellbore breaks or the hole collapses, it can play a supporting role to ensure the safety of personnel and the stability of equipment under abnormal drilling conditions.

4. Conveying cuttings
Drilling casing can also be used to transport drill cuttings and keep the borehole clear.

The function of oil tubing:
A tubing is a type of pipe used in the oil extraction process. The main function of oil pipes is to transport oil, natural gas, water and other substances from oil wells to storage tanks or processing plants. It has the following main functions:

1. Transport oil
In the process of oil well extraction, oil pipes are used to transport oil, natural gas and other substances, which can transport crude oil from oil wells to storage tanks or processing plants, thereby realizing the processing and utilization of oil.

2. Adjust oil production
By adjusting the switches and valves of the oil pipe, the collection speed and volume of the wellhead can be adjusted to maximize oil recovery efficiency.

3. Prevent well collapse
Oil pipes can also be used to prevent well collapse and ensure well stability.

4. Prevent oil well structure damage
Oil pipes can also protect the structure of the oil well from wear and corrosion, thereby ensuring the long-term production capacity of the oil well.

In short, although drilling casing and tubing are both steel pipes, their functions are very different. Drilling casing is mainly used to protect the well wall, control well pressure, support the well body, transport drilling cuttings, etc., while tubing is mainly used to transport oil, natural gas, water and other substances, adjust oil production, and prevent well collapse and damage. In oil drilling and mining operations, these two steel pipes are indispensable accessories.

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