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Difference between Seamless Steel Pipe and Galvanized Steel Pipe

Date:2022-07-27    keywords: seamless steel pipe vs galvanized steel pipe

Introduced by seamless pipe manufacturers, steel pipes are divided into welded and seamless steel pipes. As an important part of steel products, steel pipes are divided into two categories: welded steel pipes (plates, strip billets) and seamless steel pipes (round billets) due to their different manufacturing processes and shapes of billets. As for galvanized and seamless steel pipes, it cannot be said that there is any difference in the material. Their classification standards themselves are different. Galvanized pipe is a surface treatment process.

Galvanized seamless steel pipe

Galvanized steel pipe and seamless steel pipe are two fields of steel pipe. Galvanized refers to the galvanized surface of the steel pipe, which may be a welded pipe or a seamless pipe. Galvanized pipes are more resistant to corrosion, and seamless steel pipes can withstand higher pressures.

Galvanized steel pipe is not easy to rust due to the protection of zinc. Galvanized steel pipe is lighter than seamless steel pipe. If it is used for balcony, it is recommended to use galvanized light pipe. The wall thickness of the seamless steel pipe is heavy, and the natural weight is heavy, and the cost of the seamless steel pipe is higher than that of the galvanized steel pipe, and the galvanized steel pipe is very durable, and the service life is much longer than that of the seamless steel pipe. If the quality is excellent, it should not be a problem to use it for more than 20 years. Of course, welding and painting should also be done well, so as not to affect the service life of the galvanized steel pipe.

Different uses:
Galvanized steel pipes are generally used to make fences, fences, guardrails, and balcony guardrails. Widely used in municipal engineering, roads, factories, campuses, development zones, garden squares, communities and other places.

Seamless steel pipes are very important in industry and can be used as fluid transport pipes. Seamless steel pipes are mainly used to produce mechanical parts with moderate bearing capacity and speed, parts with high load, moderate impact and speed, and are widely used in petroleum, aviation, automobile and other industries.

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