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Cutting Stainless Steel Pipe

Date:2017-07-28    keywords:cutting stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe
Cutting stainless steel pipe, there are a lot of metal cutting equipment can be cut, which depends on your requirements of the stainless steel pipe cutting? If you require a relatively high, you can choose the blade cutting machine.

Saw blade cutting machine cutting a wide range, can be a number of cutting, incision without burrs (naked eye observation without burrs, with a slight feel) incision is not black, no deformation, cutting no noise, no dust, environment-friendly, high precision, Most customer needs. Requires a high degree of secondary machining chamfering.

Of course, there are many types of saw blade cutting machine, a manual pipe cutting machine, semi-automatic pipe cutting machine, automatic pipe cutting machine. How to choose? Of course, is to see the diameter of your stainless steel pipe, thick wall, you request the production is not big to decide what model you use friends.

If you require cutting stainless steel pipe speed is extremely fast, the effect is not demanding (cutting the thick tube surface will be black, the wall has slag), you can use a plasma pipe cutting machine. Plasma cutting machine working principle Plasma generation flame high temperature fuse fittings, supplies almost zero, speed one second, simple operation, fool type operation.

If you require stainless steel pipe cutting speed faster, the nozzle has a shrinkage, you can choose instrument cutting machine. Instrument cutting machine cutting range can only cut diameter of 40 below the diameter of thin-walled stainless steel tube, the thickness is generally not more than 0.5mm. Its cutting speed is 2 seconds. It does not need to add water, no saw blade, the incision is not black, and the plasma pipe cutting machine cut out the pipe cut black.

In general, according to your needs, choose the appropriate pipe cutting machine.

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