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Common Method to Connect Carbon Seamless Steel Pipe

Date:2020-11-10    keywords:carbon seamless steel pipe, connection method
Different connection methods have different application fields due to their different production principles, but in general they all have one thing in common that is easy to install, firm and reliable.

There are many connection methods for carbon seamless steel pipes, and several commonly used methods are now listed:
1. Compression type: Insert the piping into the nozzle of the pipe fitting, fasten it by a nut, and press the sleeve of the nozzle through the sealing ring with spiral force

Shrink, play a sealing role, complete the piping connection.

2. Welding type: the end of the piping is grooved, and the piping is welded manually or automatically to make ring welding.
3. Flange type: The flange and the pipe are ring-shaped argon arc welding, fastened with quick clamps or bolts, so that the gasket between the flanges can seal and complete the pipe connection.
4. Pressing type: Insert the pipe into the pipe fitting and press the pipe wall into a hexagon with a special installation tool, and the inner sealing ring is also transformed into a hexagon.
5. Taper thread type: the external thread and the piping are ring-shaped argon arc welding, and the internal threaded pipe fittings are connected by the taper thread to complete the piping connection.

How to connect between two seamless steel pipes?

There are many ways to connect two seamless steel pipes, but in general there are two major ways, one is detachable connection, and the other is non-detachable connection. The detachable connection means that after installation, Can be removed. Non-detachable connection is to connect two seamless steel pipes together forever.

The most commonly used method of non-detachable connection is welding. Two seamless steel pipes are welded together by various welding methods. This method is less expensive, but requires higher working environment, such as when the pipe is too long or the diameter is too large. , It is not convenient to work after welding together.

There are three most commonly used detachable connections:
1. Flange connection (easy assembly and disassembly, strong versatility).
2. Live joint connection (live joint is divided into threaded type and welded type).
3. Special pipe joint connection (with internal thread, external thread, etc.).

Users can choose a specific connection method according to their own situation, no matter which connection method is used, it must be firm and reliable.

Tips: ASTM A53/SA53 seamless and welded steel pipe is a general, all-purpose pipe used in generator plants, refineries, compressor stations, natural gas transmission, and steam conduction. A53 steel pipe is intended mechanical and pressure applications, but is also acceptable for and widely used in air, water, steam, and gas lines. A53 pipe is suitable for welding.

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