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Characteristics of Outer Thickened Oil Casing

Date:2019-09-09    keywords:outer thickened oil casing,characteristics
The outer thickened oil casing adopts the round pipe thread of the taper pipe, and is thickened through the joint to complete the joint and seal. It is one of the basic thread buckle types issued by the Petroleum Association. Its tooth shape is triangular, dome round bottom, the tooth angle is 60°, the thread taper is 1:16, and the tooth angle bisector is perpendicular to the axis. When the thread is tightened, the inner and outer snails.The side of the tooth has an interference fit and seal, which has simple processing, sealing with thread grease, some connection strength, and easy care and application on site. So what are the characteristics of the outer thickened oil casing? Here we briefly understand:

1. The joint strength is strengthened by the joint upsetting.

Without changing the thread form, the joint is subjected to the upsetting process to increase the joint size, which increases the joint strength and meets the requirements of the lower depth.

2. After the cooperation with the threaded grease, there is a gap of 0.076mm between the top of the sealed outer thickened oil sleeve and the bottom of the tooth. When the thread is tightened, the gap between the top of the head is full of thread grease, and the thread leakage is blocked after the thread grease is solidified. Thereby completing the sealing effect.

Externally thickened oil casings have an indelible contribution to the history of the petroleum industry. Following the development of the petroleum industry, the geological conditions are getting sour, and the outer thickened oil casing threads are constantly upgraded, gradually adapting to the requirements of unique formations.

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