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Advantages of ERW Straight Seam Welded Pipe

Date:2020-05-08    keywords:erw pipe,straight seam welded pipe,advantages
ERW steel pipe (ERW steel pipe) is generally used as a wire sleeve in the power industry. Performance characteristics: 100% ultrasonic testing of the base material to ensure the inherent quality of the pipe body; there is no unwinding-disc shearing process , The base material has less pits and scratches; the finished pipe after stress relief basically has no residual stress; the weld is short, and the probability of defects is small; the moist sour natural gas can be transported conditionally; after the diameter is expanded, the geometry of the steel pipe High dimensional accuracy; welding is performed in a straight line in the horizontal position after the molding is completed. Therefore, the control of staggered edges, slits, and pipe diameter circumference is good, and the welding quality is excellent.

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