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Wrinkling Phenomenon in Stainless Steel Stamping and Its Countermeasures

Date:2019-04-29    keywords:wrinkling. stainless steel, stamping, countermeasures
Wrinkling Phenomenon in Stainless Steel Stamping and Its Countermeasures

When the metal is radioactively flowing inward through the stretching ring, the resulting compressive force may cause wrinkles and the gripper will prevent the occurrence of such wrinkles. Wrinkles begin to occur when the metal flows unevenly or without the support of a stretch ring. Thin materials require more fixing force than thick materials. Wrinkling also occurs when stainless steel is stamped.

There're many methods to control the fixing force of the stamping part. One is to use a flat pad with a relatively flat surface. When the metal flows under the fixing pad, the pressure will increase. If the fixing pad is designed with a slight angle, the fixing is fixed. The force will increase correspondingly. This will make the stamping more regular, but the stampings outside the tension ring may wrinkle, and if you cut the flange later, you don't have to worry about it. The purpose of this design is to effectively control the flow of metal into the stretch ring. Alternatively, a stamping ball can be added to the mounting pad and a corresponding slot can be added below to further prevent metal from flowing inward.

The above measures are taken to allow the sidewall to wait for more stretching when needed. Although the fixed force has ready-made parameters for reference, it is usually necessary to obtain the correct fixing force through trial and error.

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