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400 Series of Stainless Steel

Date:2017-10-27    keywords:400 series of stainless steel
400 series stainless steel is a kind of iron, carbon chromium alloy. This stainless steel has a martensitic structure and an iron element, so it has normal magnetic properties. 400 series stainless steel has a strong resistance to high temperature oxidation, and compared with carbon steel, its physical properties and mechanical properties have been further improved. Most 400 series stainless steel can be heat treated.

Commonly used 400 series of stainless steel varieties containing chromium 18% 430 and chromium 13% of the 410 and 420 stainless steel models, 430 stainless steel models which use the largest. 430 stainless steel model is characterized by low price, thermal expansion coefficient is small, resistance to chloride stress corrosion is better than 300 series stainless steel varieties; but its shortcomings is that the forming performance, weldability and tensile strength of less than 300 series stainless steel, Therefore, its use area is limited. In the case of the same amount of chromium, such as in the atmosphere, fresh water and nitric acid oxidation medium, 400 series stainless steel varieties corrosion resistance and 300 series of stainless steel varieties, and usually 400 series stainless steel varieties corrosion resistance is better than 200 series of stainless steel varieties. The 400 series stainless steel varieties currently add trace niobium, titanium, copper and aluminum elements can improve its deep drawing performance, weldability, corrosion resistance and high temperature strength, can be partially replaced by 300 series stainless steel models.

409H: Processing performance, good welding performance, high temperature oxidation resistance is good, can withstand the temperature range from room temperature until 575 ℃. Widely used in automobile exhaust exhaust system.

409L: Control of steel in the C and N content, so the weldability, formability and corrosion resistance is excellent; with 11% Cr, high temperature and room temperature with a BCC structure of ferritic stainless steel; due to the addition of Ti elements, so its high temperature corrosion resistance and high temperature strength is better. 750 ℃ below the available oxidative and corrosion resistance. Used in automotive exhaust pipe, heat exchangers, containers and other products that are not heat treated after welding.

410: Martensite on behalf of steel, high strength, high hardness (magnetic); corrosion resistance is poor, not suitable for use in severe corrosion environment; with low C, good processing, heat treatment can surface hardening.

410L: On the basis of 410 steel, reducing the amount of C, its processing, resistance to welding deformation, excellent high temperature oxidation resistance. Used in mechanical construction parts, engine exhaust pipe, boiler combustion chamber, burner.

420J1: High hardness after quenching, good corrosion resistance. Used in tableware (knife), turbine blades.

420J2: Martensite on behalf of steel, high strength, high hardness (magnetic); poor corrosion resistance, poor formability, good wear resistance; able to heat treatment to improve mechanical properties. After quenching, the hardness is higher than that of 420J1 steel. Widely used in processing tools, nozzles, valves, plate ruler, tableware.

430: As the representative steel of ferritic steel, the thermal expansion rate is good, the formability and the oxidation resistance are excellent. Applicable to heat-resistant appliances, burners, household electrical appliances, 2 categories of tableware, kitchen sink. Low price, good processing is the ideal SUS304 alternative; anti-mile good corrosion, the typical non-heat treatment of hardened ferritic stainless steel.

436L: Heat resistance, good abrasion resistance, because it contains niobium, so its processing, excellent weldability. Washing machine, car exhaust pipe, electronic products, 3 layers of the bottom of the pot.

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