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201 Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Welding Method

Date:2017-08-30    keywords:201 stainless steel welded pipe
201 stainless steel welded pipe welding method

Gas shielded welding: mainly refers to the TIG welding, melting TIG welding and carbon dioxide (CO2) gas shielded welding. TIG welding arc stability, the use of small current welding thin pieces, and can be single-sided welding double-sided molding welding, so in the boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing and installation works have been widely used. Commonly used in the small diameter of the boiler 230 stainless steel welded pipe, cylindrical containers and pipe girth seam welding. The use of special rotating mechanism can also automatically welding the boiler and heat exchanger tube plate structure of the weld. Melt argon arc welding is often used to weld thin-walled 201 stainless steel welded pipe and alloy steel containers. Fused pole pulse argon arc welding is mainly used in small diameter thick-walled pipe butt welds and thick-walled components on the narrow gap weld.

Electron beam welding: has been applied to pressure vessels. The welding and heat-affected areas of this welding method are very narrow, the connector is simple and the production efficiency is high. In the nuclear reactor containers, boiler drums, deep potential containers and spherical containers has been the practical application.

In recent years, the narrow gap welding method has been gradually applied in the welding of the drum and the pressure vessel, and shows the superiority. Narrow gap welding of stainless steel pipe deformation is small, heat affected zone narrow, all-position welding, a higher degree of automation, while high productivity and save material. Narrow gap welding method is divided into narrow gap melting gas welding and narrow gap electroslag welding. Foreign has been applied welding wire and twist wire melting of the gas to protect the narrow gap welding welding boiler to the boiler, the main steam pipeline, chemical equipment, synthetic towers and reactors and so on. And is studying, the use of rotating arc of narrow gap argon arc protection arc welding.

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