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What is the Impact Performance of Seamless Steel Pipe?

Date:2019-09-30    keywords:seamless steel pipe,impact performance
The seamless steel pipe impact test is a test for detecting the impact strength of seamless steel pipes. The test piece is used to break the sample. And according to the energy absorbed when the sample is broken, the ability of the material to resist impact damage is detected, that is, the brittleness and toughness of the material are detected.

The stronger the impact resistance of the seamless steel pipe, the greater the value, which is common sense. There are three ways to express this tolerance standard. The 90% impact tester in Japan is the Charpy impact tester. Therefore, the Charpy impact tester is required for the impact test project in the JIS standard of the material. This Charpy can also be divided into Xiabi absorption work and Charpy impact value. Most of the foreign standards use Charpy absorbed work, so the new standard in Japan uses this, and the old standard applies the Charpy impact value is a bit messy.

So, what is absorption? With a weight of pendulum, impacting the specimen from the specified height, the energy absorbed by the seamless steel pipe specimen is absorbing work. Its size is calculated by the height reached by the pendulum after the pendulum is broken. There is also an Ehrlich impact tester, which has a different sample and test method than the Charpy test machine and is rarely used in Japan. Some people think that this test does not make much sense.

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