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Summer Anti-corrosion Operation of Spiral Steel Pipe

Date:2022-03-30    keywords: spiral steel pipe

The anti-corrosion operation we first discuss refers to the routine maintenance of spiral steel pipes that have not been treated with anti-corrosion treatment. Because of its good anti-corrosion performance, the anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe is relatively less affected by the season, but for conventional spiral steel pipes (SSAW) , summer is a season that is easy to be corroded.

 spiral steel pipe

In summer, the humidity in the atmosphere increases, coupled with the increase in rainy weather, many coiled pipes are stored outdoors, resulting in frequent exposure to wind, rain and scorching sun.

If the spiral steel pipe needs to be stored for a long time, a part of the oily substance can be sprayed on the surface to isolate the oxide layer. Try to avoid placing the spiral tube in a low-lying place, which will cause excessive moisture and aggravate oxidation.

Other anti-corrosion methods using steel pipes are often referred to as anti-corrosion spiral steel pipes. This processing method refers to coating chemical coatings on the surface and inner layers of spiral steel pipes. Common anti-corrosion forms include 3PE anti-corrosion, epoxy resin anti-corrosion, and cement mortar anti-corrosion, IPN8710 anti-corrosion, the purpose of this processing method is to prolong the service life of the pipeline.

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