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Specification for Characteristic Testing of Precision Seamless Tubes

Date:2020-11-17    keywords:precision seamless tubes, characteristic testing
Precision seamless pipes are divided into two types, hot-rolled seamless steel pipes and cold-rolled seamless steel pipes due to their different production processes. Cold-drawn (cold-rolled) tubes are divided into two types: annular tubes and special-shaped tubes. The performance index monitoring of seamless steel pipes can be monitored based on four aspects: hydraulic test, flattening test, tensile test, and flaring test, to monitor the quality of precision seamless pipes during the production process. Professional ability. Common performance index tests include working pressure, flattening, bending, and flaring tests.

1. Hydraulic test: pour a certain pressure of water into the tested seamless tube and maintain the pressure for a certain period of time (the test pressure value and the voltage stabilizer tube time are determined according to the standard), and there is no water leakage. This test is a high-quality monitoring, which is often seen in product inspection.

2. Flattening test: Place the precision seamless tube sample in the middle of the two flat welding fixtures, apply force between the welding fixtures so that the distance exceeds the specified value, and check that there is no gap, cracking and other defects in the deformation area of the sample.
3. Tensile test: Put the precision seamless tube sample on the bending tester, and bend it to the angle required by the standard according to the standard bending core radius, and there will be no cracks or cracks on the surface of the bending position.
4. Flaring test: Place the precision seamless tube sample on the surface of the table with the opening facing upwards, insert the top center selected according to the standard taper into the seamless tube, until the test diameter flaring rate exceeds the standard, the sample surface No defects such as cracks or cracks.

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