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Raw Material of SSAW Steel Pipe

Date:2018-09-13    keywords:ssaw steel pipe
The raw material of ssaw steel pipe is a hot rolled plate, which is a strip or a coil.

Hot-rolled steel sheets, that is, hot-rolled steel-rolled steel sheets or steel strips, commonly known as hot plates, are usually also written as zigzags, such as hot-rolled sheets, but all refer to the same hot-rolled sheet. Refers to a steel plate having a width greater than or equal to 600 mm, a thickness of 0.35-200 mm, and a steel strip having a thickness of 1.2-25 mm. The cold-rolled sheet is obtained by rolling a hot rolled coil as a raw material at a recrystallization temperature at room temperature.

The difference between hot rolled sheet and cold rolled sheet:
Hot-rolled steel sheets are divided into structural steel, low-carbon steel, and welded steel, and then you can find the steel you need according to various steels, and check the density and composition of specific steels.
Hot-rolled steel sheets have low hardness, easy processing and good ductility.
The cold rolled sheet has high hardness and high relative strength of processing.

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