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Process Characteristics of LSAW Welding

Date:2018-06-04    keywords:lsaw welding
LSAW welding of laser welding machine is an automatic welding equipment that automatically completes the straight weld seam of the welding workpiece through automation and mechanization. Straight seam welder is also called straight seam automatic welder, and longitudinal seam automatic welder is a kind of automatic welder. It can replace large amounts of manpower, greatly increase production efficiency and welding quality, reduce labor costs, and improve the welding workers' working environment. Such as large-scale transformer shell corner seam welding, large barrel straight seam welding, solar water heater barrel straight seam welding, production line belt straight seam welding, H-beam welding, etc., are a large number of straight seam welding machine. Features of lsaw welding of laser welding machine:

1, Power
The average laser power is 300W, and the maximum power at work can reach about 400W, which is higher than that of other companies. When the laser welding machine is used for a long time, the power will decrease. But our equipment power can reach 400W, even if the power is attenuated after long-term use, it can still reach 300W. Virtually extended the use of equipment, but also for the company to save maintenance costs.

2, Electro-optical conversion efficiency is higher
Electro-optical conversion efficiency is high and the output laser power will be greater. Such as: 12KW power supply, the conversion rate is about 2% -3%, the output power is 300W. Our laser welding machine, because of its high electro-optical conversion efficiency, can reach 400W after years of testing.

3, Strong stability
The use of special-grade rod crystals in crystal matching has a better consistency of performance, a uniform light separation effect, a uniform light distribution, and a high conversion efficiency.

Straight seam welding machine equipment can be widely used in solar water heaters, aviation, aerospace vehicles, stainless steel barrel, thin-walled pressure vessels, auto parts, household appliances, medical machinery, building decoration, food machinery and other manufacturing industries need all the straight seam welding occasion. This equipment is used for automatic welding production of flat and tubular workpieces with flat butt-welding filler metal seams. The bookplates have I-groove butt joints and single-sided welding (can be double-sided). The welding distortion is small, the weld bead is neat and beautiful.

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