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Method for Ensuring the Bending and Straightening of Carbon Steel Pipe

Date:2018-04-19    keywords:carbon steel pipe
After the processing of the carbon steel pipe is complete, there will be some twists and turns, and the reduction of these twists and turns has to rely on the straightening machine to complete. Therefore, almost all the processed carbon steel pipe have to be straightened by the straightener.

The meandering of a carbon steel pipe is due to improper adjustment of the rolling mill, residual stress remaining during rolling, and formation of unequal cooling along the section and length of the tube. Therefore, it is not possible to obtain very straight tubes from the rolling mill, as long as the rules of skill conditions are satisfied by the tortuosity of the cold straightened tubes.

The fundamental reason for the straightening is to make the carbon steel pipe go through an elastoplastic tortuosity, and the large tortuosity becomes a small degree of tortuosity. Therefore, the steel tube needs to be repeatedly twisted and twisted in the straightener. The degree of repeated twists and turns of the steel pipe is mainly determined by the adjustment of the straightening machine.

Carbon steel pipe are widely used and can be divided into low and medium pressure seamless steel tubes, high pressure seamless steel tubes, and stainless steel seamless tubes according to different requirements. They can be used for industrial pipes such as water vapor, air, oil, and gas with different pressures.

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