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Is the Water Supply Pipe Made of 304 Stainless Steel Easy to Use?

Date:2023-05-09    keywords: 304 stainless steel, water supply, stainless steel pipe

The choice of water supply pipes is very important. In the past, most of the pipes used for water supply were plastic pipes, composite pipes and copper pipes. However, if it is used for a long time, problems will gradually appear, such as water leakage, impurities, unsanitary and so on. Among many materials, it is necessary to choose economical, durable and safe water supply pipes. Nowadays, stainless steel water supply pipes are used as new pipe materials, and their development momentum is strong. Then someone will ask, is the 304 stainless steel water supply pipe easy to use? The answer is definitely easy to use. why? The stainless steel pipe manufacturers will answer you one by one below.

304 stainless steel water pipe

1. Corrosion resistance

One of the most prominent characteristics of 304 stainless steel water supply pipes is corrosion resistance, not only resistant to atmospheric corrosion, but also resistant to water flow corrosion. After the stainless steel tube is in contact with the atmosphere, a passivation film will be formed on the surface to effectively prevent further oxidation reactions. Stainless steel pipes are widely adapted to the atmospheric environment and can adapt to carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other gases. Stainless steel pipes have no restrictions on the chemical composition of water, and have good corrosion resistance to various oxygen content, temperature, and pH values in water. The stainless steel pipe can withstand the impact of 30m/s water flow without corrosion. Therefore, compared with plastic pipes and copper pipes, corrosion and water leakage will occur after a long time of use. After more than ten years of use, the stainless steel pipes will be disassembled and inspected. It will be found that the stainless steel pipes are in excellent condition and there is no sign of corrosion.

2. Performance

In addition to the characteristics of corrosion resistance, since the raw material of 304 stainless steel water pipes is stainless steel, it has the excellent performance of stainless steel. The stainless steel water pipe has high strength, and its tensile strength is 530~750Mpa, which is twice that of galvanized pipe, three times that of copper pipe, and 8~10 times that of PPR pipe. Due to the high strength of the stainless steel pipe, it is very strong and durable as a water supply pipe.

The thermal conductivity of stainless steel water pipes is 15W/m°C (100°C), which is 1/4 of carbon steel pipes and 1/23 of copper pipes. When stainless steel pipes are used as hot water pipes, the heat loss of stainless steel is very small. For the same 20-meter-long hot water pipe, at 8°C, if carbon steel pipes are used, hot water will appear after 6 minutes; if copper pipes are used , It takes 20 minutes to turn on the water before hot water appears; if a stainless steel pipe is used, hot water appears within 1 minute. Therefore, using stainless steel pipes as hot water pipes can save a lot of water.

3. Sanitation and safety

The 304 stainless steel water supply pipe has superior hygienic performance, which eliminates the problem of "red water, blue-green water", and there will be no smelly water with bacteria. Harmful. "Red water" is caused by the rusting of carbon steel pipes, "blue-green water" is caused by the corrosion of copper pipes; smelly water is caused by the growth of bacteria in some unqualified plastic pipes. If the water is released, the released water will have an odor. In comparison, stainless steel pipes are better water supply materials.

4. Long service life

The service life of stainless steel pipes is the longest among all water supply pipes. The service life of plastic pipes is more than 25-30 years, the service life of carbon steel pipes is 15 years, the service life of copper pipes is 30-50 years, the service life of composite pipes is 15-30 years, and the service life of stainless steel pipes can reach 100 years , at least 70 years, which is as long as the life of the building. In addition, the stainless steel pipe is 100% renewable and will not burden and pollute the environment. With 304 stainless steel water supply pipes, there is no need to worry about frequent maintenance, which can save maintenance costs and update costs.

Stainless steel water pipes are used in building water supply. They have the advantages of good mechanical properties, strong corrosion resistance, sanitation and safety, and are not prone to secondary pollution. The pipe fittings are safe and reliable, have a long service life, and the overall cost is reasonable. Stainless steel water pipes meet the requirements of "novel, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly" residential products, and are a high-grade building water supply pipe that has developed rapidly in recent years in my country.

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