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IPN8710 Anticorrosive Spiral Steel Pipe

Date:2021-11-02    keywords:IPN8710 anticorrosive spiral steel pipe

8710 anticorrosive spiral pipe(SSAW steel pipe) refers to the inner wall of the spiral pipe brushed with liquid epoxy coating IPN8710 anticorrosion. It is composed of polyurethane prepolymer and epoxy resin and other products. It is usually used in daily drinking water and our food transportation. It has Corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance and other advantages.

8710 anticorrosive spiral steel pipe

There are many kinds of corrosive media in the water supply pipeline, including acid, alkali, salt, oxidant and water vapor. The coating must be chemically inert and resistant to acid, alkali and salt corrosion. The coating film should have a dense structure, good waterproof permeability, strong adhesion, and toughness.

IPN8710-1: Composed of polyurethane polyethylene, modified epoxy resin, non-toxic anti-corrosion pigments and fillers, additives, etc., cured at room temperature to form an interpenetrating network, the coating film structure is dense, acid, alkali, salt, and corrosion resistance are excellent. Strong adhesion.
IPN8710-2A: It is composed of epoxy, rubber resin modified, non-toxic, anti-rust pigments, fillers, additives, etc. Excellent chemical resistance, non-toxic, anti-microbial erosion.

The 8710 anticorrosive spiral tube should be stored in a cool and dry place as far as possible to avoid direct sunlight. The storage period is usually one year. After expiration, various tests are required and can be used after passing.

I said at the beginning that 8710 anti-corrosion refers to the inner wall, but what kind of anti-corrosion do we usually do on the outer wall?
8710 anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe outer wall anti-corrosion

1)3PE anti-corrosion
Epoxy powder, adhesive and polyethylene are fused together and attached to the outer wall of the spiral pipe to form 3PE anti-corrosion, thus forming a good anti-corrosion effect.

2)Epoxy coal tar anticorrosion
It has many kinds of raw materials, including epoxy resin, coal tar pitch, anti-rust pigment, etc. It has the advantages of fast drying speed and good adhesion, so it has won the approval of many customers.

3)Anticorrosive coat
The outer jacket is anticorrosive and has a polyethylene jacket, which is sheathed on the spiral pipe, which can effectively protect the safety of the steel pipe while preventing corrosion and reduce external damage to the anticorrosive steel pipe.

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