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How to Polish Seamless Steel Pipe?

Date:2021-09-23    keywords:seamless steel pipe polishing
Seamless steel pipes play an important role in modern equipment manufacturing, but the surface of seamless steel pipes is not smooth, such as burrs and solder residues, which will affect the function of seamless steel pipes during use.

Polishing method of seamless steel pipe:

1. Before the seamless steel pipe is polished, put the workpiece into the track, so that the center of the workpiece is aligned with the center of the thousand-page wheel. 
2. The track is locked so that the track is inclined at a certain angle.
3. Start the guide wheel motor, and if the speed is appropriate, move the grinding head to the workpiece.

stainless steel seamless pipe

Precautions for seamless steel pipe polishing:

1. If there is a thread shape, it indicates that the polishing speed of seamless steel pipe is faster, and it can be adjusted slowly.

2. Always check whether there is oil shortage in the reducer. Always check whether there is noise or light movement in the grinding head.

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