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How to Ensure the Flatness and Overall Deviation of Carbon Steel Pipe

Date:2018-04-02    keywords:carbon steel pipe
In the carbon steel pipe manufacturing process, quality control of the carbon steel pipe manufacturing production process is monitored from manufacturing materials, processes, welding, non-destructive testing, metering, tooling, etc. How do you ensure the flatness and overall deviation of the carbon steel pipe during assembly?
1. Bend pipe assembly: The elbow pipe is a special pipe section. Excessive error in its external dimensions will bring certain difficulties to the installation. Therefore, it requires an overall assembly.
2, To improve the welding process: to take a small range of welding, especially the first layer of welding, increase the level of welding, in order to reduce the welding deformation, reduce the size of steel pipe deviation.
3, Straight pipe butt method: In the welding of the trolley, the first adjustment of the gap, wrong teeth, the overall size inspection, after the inspection pass a total spot welding.
4. Improve the groove design: Use an asymmetrical X-shaped groove without gaps. After the inner seam is welded, clear the root with a carbon arc gouging so that the actual area of the inner and outer welds is nearly equal, which will help reduce deformation and Reduce residual stress.

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