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How To Effectively Carry Out SSAW Steel Pipe Connection Work

Date:2018-09-27    keywords:ssaw steel pipe
The connection method of ssaw steel pipe is generally welded, because the welded pipe is relatively low in cost. Some projects will also use other connection methods due to factors such as construction period, construction conditions, geographical environment, etc., such as: screw connection, flange Connection, socket connection, groove connection, etc. Let's talk about the characteristics of other connection methods:

1: Flange connection Generally, the flange connection speed is fast, the construction is convenient, and the tool is simple. However, in terms of safety and sealing, most of the engineering requirements cannot be met. Generally, the pipeline with low pressure is often used for the connection. Such as mud pipes, etc.

2: Groove connection: also known as clamp connection technology, has become the first technology of current liquid and gas pipeline connection. Although this technology is developed later in China, due to its advanced technology, it is quickly Received by the domestic market. The application of the grooved pipe joint technology makes the complicated pipe connection process simple, fast and convenient. Make pipe connection technology a big step forward.

The groove connecting pipe fittings comprise two major types of products: 1)pipe joint with sealing function, rigid joint, flexible joint, mechanical tee and grooved flange; 2) pipe joint with transition function, elbow, tee, Four-way, reducer, blind plate, spiral welded pipe, etc. The groove connecting pipe joint for sealing is mainly composed of three parts: a sealing rubber ring, a clamp and a locking bolt. 

The rubber sealing ring located on the inner layer is placed on the outer side of the pipe to be connected, and is matched with the pre-rolled groove, and then the clamp is fastened on the outside of the rubber ring, and then fastened by two bolts. Due to the unique sealable structural design of the rubber seal ring and the clamp, the groove joint has good sealing property, and the sealing property is correspondingly enhanced as the fluid pressure in the pipe is increased.

The groove connection makes the pipe connection operation simple, is conducive to construction safety, good system stability, convenient maintenance, labor saving and time saving, and therefore has good economic benefits. With the clamp connection, although the price of the individual fittings of the clamp is relatively high, the overall benefit of the entire pipe network installation is higher than that of the flange connection.

3: The clamp pipe joint connection is an advanced pipe connection method, that is, it can be set or buried, that is, there are steel joints and flexible joints. Therefore, it has a wide range of applications. It can be used in fire water systems, air conditioning hot and cold water systems, water supply systems, petrochemical pipeline systems, thermoelectric and military pipeline systems, sewage treatment pipeline systems, etc.

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