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How to Bend the Square Tube Bending Machine without Wrinkle

Date:2017-11-29    keywords:square tube bending
There are some steps about how to bend the square tube bending machine not o be wrinkled:

1. Clamp (clamping) part of the tube must be clamped, if not clamping, it will wrinkle.

2. If the clamping clamp, but also wrinkled, pay attention to the diameter of the mold (round mold) shape, the outer mold should be outside the drum, so that the inner wall of the square tube into a little, so the tube deformation is stable.

3. At the same time pay attention to secondary mold and die diameter distance, not too tight or too loose.

4. Solve the above problems or not, it is necessary to adjust the shape of the core, the use of joint through the core, and adjust the distance of the through the core.

5. Adjust the joint through the core or wrinkled, remember to install wrinkle-free mold, try bending slower, timely adjustment of the core lift length and wrinkle-free mold location.

6. If this still does not work, especially for thin-walled stainless steel square tubes or aluminum square tubes, fine sand may be required to ensure high-quality elbows.

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