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Difference Between Hot-rolled and Cold-rolled SMLS Steel Pipe

Date:2020-04-03    keywords:hot rolled,cold rolled,smls steel pipe
Hot rolling and cold rolling are forming steel or steel plates, and they have a great influence on the structure and properties of steel. The rolling of steel is mainly hot rolling, and cold rolling is only used for the production of small section steel and sheet.

The main difference between hot rolled and cold rolled seamless steel tubes:
1. Cold-rolled formed steel allows local buckling of the section, so that the bearing capacity of the member after buckling can be fully utilized;hot-rolled steel does not allow local buckling of the section.
2. The causes of residual stress in hot-rolled steel and cold-rolled steel are different,so the distribution on the cross section is also very different. The residual stress distribution on the cross section of cold-formed thin-walled steel is curved, while the residual stress distribution on the section of hot-rolled or welded steel is thin film.
3. The torsional stiffness of hot-rolled steel is higher than that of cold-rolled steel, so the torsion resistance of hot-rolled steel is better than that of cold-rolled steel.

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