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Determine the Quality Steps of Galvanised Square Tube

Date:2017-08-28    keywords:galvanized square tube, hot-dip galvanized
In order to improve the performance effect of square tube, we can hot-dip galvanized square tube, hot-dip galvanizing is a heat treatment process effect, in the process of galvanized square tube, in order to meet the demand effect, we need to constantly testing, if not measured for the square tube quality has a lot of impact.

First, It need to be from the ability to carry out the test, in fact, galvanized thickness of the hot galvanized square tube. Because the galvanized square galvanized layer determines whether it can meet the requirements of corrosion protection, in the testing process can be used to detect the use of professional measurement tools, in the detection process of hot galvanized square tube galvanized layer thickness is a certain requirement, in use is the need to be based on these provisions to identify. Followed by homogeneity to be detected, in fact, the thickness of the surface of the galvanized layer. In the detection process to improve the quality of the use of hot-dip galvanized square tube, the thickness of the production after the need to be able to achieve a standard, so that the use of the process will not appear any damage.

Finally, in the detection process, the need for its robustness to be detected, that is, in contact with the square tube precision. If the use of the process, precision of the hot galvanized square tube is poor then in the course of the use of galvanized layer will appear off the phenomenon, resulting in the use of the process will be subject to other items corrosion, resulting in hot galvanized square tube can not be used normally. In the detection process, the easiest way to detect, that is, the use of two hot galvanized square tube to beat each other, if it has good characteristics will not be damaged, anyway, its quality must exist problem.

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