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Checking the Hardness of the Square Tube

Date:2017-12-06    keywords:square tube, hardness
Method of checking the hardness of the square tube is as follows:
① Scratch hardness. Mainly used to compare the degree of hardness of different minerals, the method is to choose a hard end of the soft rod at one end, the measured square tube material along the bar across, according to the location of the scratch to determine the measured material soft and hard. Qualitatively, hard objects scratch the scratches, scratches scratched by soft objects short.
② Press into the hardness. Mainly used for seamless pipe material, the method is to use a certain load will be pressed into the test material pressure to the rectangular tube material surface of the local plastic deformation of the size of the measured material compared to hard and soft. Due to the pressure head, load and load duration of different pressure into a variety of hardness, mainly brinell hardness, rockwell hardness, vickers hardness and microhardness several.
③ Rebound hardness. It is mainly used for square tube material by freely dropping a special small hammer from a certain height and impacting the specimen of the material under test and storing (and then releasing) the strain energy of the specimen during impact back-bounce height determination) to determine the square tube material hardness.

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