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Causes Of Corrosion Of Stainless Steel Tubes

Date:2018-12-26    keywords:seamless pipe, stainless steel pipe
The reason for the corrosion of the stainless steel seamless pipe was analyzed except for the atmosphere inside, the oxide tube of the oxide film of all metals in the oxygen. Unfortunately, the iron oxide formed in the oxidation of the ordinary metal tube continues, and the rust will continue to expand, eventually forming pores. You should paint or oxidize metals (eg zinc, nickel and chrome) to ensure carbon steel surfaces.

But because people know that this protection is just a movie. If the protective layer is destroyed, these simple steel plates begin to rust. Stainless steel seamless tubes will depend on chromium corrosion resistance, but because chromium is an element of steel to ensure that source protection is not the same.

The integrated chromium level reached 10.5%, the annealed tube, the atmospheric corrosion resistant steel increased significantly, but the chromium content was higher, but still improved corrosion resistance, but not obvious. Due to the processing of chrome alloy steels, the symptoms of oxidized nitrogen are the same, as well as the appearance of pure chromium metal oxide formation, which truly becomes the surface of this tightly adhering chromium-rich oxide between them to prevent further oxidation. With this thin oxide layer, which you can now see at the top of the natural gloss steel, the S/S offers a unique surface. In addition, the damaged surface, exposed steel surface and atmospheric factors, therefore, self-healing, reforming this "passivation film" continues to protect.

Therefore, all chrome steels share a common feature, namely a chromium content of 10.5%. And for architectural applications, there are only six metal tube types. They contain 17 to 22% chromium and the top grade steel also contains nickel. Molybdenum can further enhance atmospheric corrosion, stainless steel seamless pipes, especially corrosive atmospheres that may contain chlorides.

1. The use environment of stainless steel pipe includes: temperature, medium composition, stress state, processing technology, product design life, pressure state, and other special requirements (such as nuclear industry, ship)

2. Fully understand and understand the performance and related data of related stainless steel materials including: mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature, corrosion resistance, process performance, physical properties, the price of stainless steel seamless pipe, the difficulty of supply

3. The actual experience includes: in the use of stainless steel seamless pipe, the problems encountered vary widely, but in the case of conditions, we need to do some related tests to verify its practical effects, or related experience of its application. Operational tests of similar conditions, operational tests on site, laboratory simulation conditions, etc.

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