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Advantages of Thin Wall Stainless Steel Tube

Date:2017-09-20    keywords:thin wall stainless steel tube
Thin wall stainless steel tube is generally used for civilian areas, water supply, construction area is relatively large, his pressure and corrosion resistance requirements are lower than the requirements of stainless steel industrial pipe.

The advantages of thin wall stainless steel tube are as follows:
Friction resistance: the inner wall smooth, large flow;
Impact resistance: tensile strength is 2 times the steel pipe, brass 3 times;
Economy: comprehensive performance, and can effectively control the pipe network leakage rate; from the product life cycle cost point of view, the economy is more significant.
Good sealing performance: stainless steel pipe system with a long life and long life with the building, so people in the choice of pipeline products on the life of stainless steel pipe without the slightest concern, we are most concerned about the weak parts of the stainless steel pipe - Performance and longevity. Adhesive TIG welding connection to learn the traditional argon arc welding connection, DN15-100 within the construction process does not require welding wire, so that the tube and tube dissolved into one, and can save time to save welding materials, the pressure, Cold drawing, negative pressure and salt spray and other experiments can prove that the pipe connection strength and sealing performance, are far higher than the national standard. After the trial pressure qualified, and no damage due to maintenance work, with a wide range of applications, cost-effective, simple structure, cost advantages and other characteristics.

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