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    Plastic Floater


    The MDPE floater is widely applied in dredging and mine tailling area for deliverying the fluid that contains the medium of mud, slag and so on.


    Structure 1 pair of floater contains 2 pieces of floats. Accessories: Bolts, nuts and washers.
    Material Floater's hull: Medium density polyethylene material. Inside: High strenght polyurethane foam.
    Features Anti-impact; Anti-corrosion; Easy installation; Anti-UV
    Applications Floating pipes or cables on the water; widely used in dredging sand pipelines and laying the pipes on the water.


    Item Performance of the shell Item Filler Index
    Tensile Strength ≥12 Mpa
    Water Absorption 0.16 - 0.20g/100cm3
    Elongation ≥11%
    Breaking Strength 0.8 - 1.3Mpa
    Impact Strength ≥32 KJ/m2
    Elongation 0.4 - 0.6%
    Bending Strength ≥15.7 Mpa
    Compression Strength
    0.1 - 0.24Mpa
    Compression Strength ≥0.31 Mpa
    Heat Resistance -60℃- +80℃
    Shell Density 0.918 - 0.922 g/m3 Filler Density 35kg/m3

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