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Welding Repair Requirements for Stainless Steel Welded Pipe

Date:2017-02-18    keywords:stainless steel welded pipe, welding
If stainless steel welded pipe in a specific working environment, the need for welding repair, the welding preparation should be carefully checked before, in order to ensure complete removal of defects. Welding of stainless steel tubes shall be carried out in accordance with the welding procedure as assessed in ASME Code Section IX. Welding operators or welding equipment operators performing welding shall comply with the qualification requirements of Volume IX. In addition to A1 or A2 component of the weld metal can be used for P1 material, the weld metal should be equivalent to plate P-No A-No component requirements. When the purchaser agrees, other weld metal that matches the material matrix of the material to be welded may also be used. The weld metal must be evaluated in accordance with ASME Code, Volume IX.

If a stainless steel pipe material is required to be subjected to a Charpy impact test, the weld qualification test shall also include welds, heat affected zones and Charpy impact tests of the base metal and shall be reported to the purchaser. If the stainless steel pipe material is to be normalized, quenched and tempered, thermoformed or post-weld heat treated, the steel plate and the welded steel plate for the welding procedure qualification test shall be heat treated as specified by the purchaser. In addition, the repair of the weld should be consistent with the requirements of the construction specifications of the buyer.

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