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The Difference Between Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe And Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe

Date:2018-10-31    keywords:seamless steel pipe
First of all, the stainless steel seamless steel pipe is processed and hardened in the form of cold working at the time of production. For example, when it is bent, it has an opposite nature, that is, its lateral and longitudinal properties are different.

Therefore, at the time of production, the form of cold working can be used to increase the strength. However, it should be noted that when the curved area of the stainless steel seamless pipe is smaller or negligible than the total area, this time is performed. The increase in strength can be increased to a certain extent to improve its safety factor.

Second, the shape of the stress curve and the strain curve of the stainless steel seamless pipe is not the same as that of the carbon steel. The limit of elasticity of the former is about 50% of the yield stress, and this yield stress is the yield stress of Hell Carbon Steel. The third point is that the stainless steel seamless pipe has no yield point, and the carbon steel stainless steel seamless pipe has a yield point. The above three points are the differences between the two in the design rules.

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