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How to Distinguish the Difference Between Seamless Pipe and Welded Pipe

Date:2019-07-12    keywords:seamless pipe,welded pipe,difference
The difference between a seamless tube and a conventional welded tube is that the main differences between the two types of tubes are only apparent. There is a general understanding of the difference between a seamless tube and a common welded tube. Seamless pipes and ordinary welded pipes are mainly formed by different molding processes. Ordinary steel pipes, such as tap water pipes, are generally welded by bending the flat plates, and a weld seam can be found on the above; the coarser diameter is generally a spiral weld.

The seamless steel pipe is generally formed by laminating molten steel in a molten state through a circular slit and then being subjected to a stretching process, so that there is no weld, the strength of the pipe is naturally higher, the industrial value is also increased, and the price is also slightly higher. For ordinary welded pipes. Seamless pipes and ordinary welded pipes are greatly improved in performance, especially in pressure bearing capacity, and are often used in high-voltage equipment. Such as the piping connection of hydraulic equipment. The weld seam of ordinary steel pipe is its weak link, and the weld quality is also the main factor affecting its overall performance. People who have lived in the north generally have experienced the experience that the water pipes or heating pipes are frozen in the winter. The places where the explosions are usually welded. Welded pipes are not as strong as seamless steel pipes. By comparing the above two points, it is easy to distinguish between the seamless pipe and the ordinary welded pipe when purchasing the pipe.

Although the price of ordinary welded pipe is very cheap, its service life is quite short, especially in the northern region, so it is recommended to purchase a cost-effective seamless pipe for long-term industrial use.

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